Despite the women’s rights movement, it can still be difficult for women owned businesses to compete in a predominantly male marketplace. This is especially true within the business to business sector. That’s why it’s essential for these types of organisations to get women owned business certification.

1. Before even beginning the application process, you should consider whether you business qualifies:
* To meet the criteria, your business should be owned, controlled and operated by a female majority(at least 51 per cent).
* Your women-owned business must have been running for at least six months.
* It must be owned by a US Citizen or a legal resident.

2. Applications must demonstrate that the input and financial backing of the women business owner(s) are genuine and proportional to their business interest.

3. Application must prove that the woman business owner(s) are directly guiding and/or in charge of all operations and managerial matters.

4. Applicants need to show that the woman business owner(s) have no need to rely on any businesses for finance or service that aren’t female-owned.

5. Certification is given through the Women’s Business Enterprise Council who require a non-refundable fee for admin and processing. Fees are often dependent on your business gross revenues: using a sliding scale. In PA, for example, this figure stretches from $350 to $1000.

6. Women owned business certification is delivered through regional and local partners. To find a partner in your area, please visit the Regional Partner Organizations link in resources below.

7. Processing time tends to run between 90 and 120 days.

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