Fleas on your pets can mean flea bites on your family, not to mention the fact that fleas jumping in your cat’s fur doesn’t exactly conjure up a cute and cuddly image. If you’ve got a flea problem, it will take patience to get rid of them, but the faster you start, the easier it will be to rid yourself of the problem. Here’s how to keep fleas off cats:
1. Give your cat a bath. Bathing your cat can drown the fleas living on your cat’s body. If you have a flea problem in your home, bathe your cat frequently to kill them off. Your cat may fight you, but this is one of the most effective ways to keep fleas off cats. This must be done at least weekly if you wish to catch all of the fleas.

2. Use a flea collar. A flea collar is an easy way to keep fleas away from your cat, though it is not as effective as some other methods at stopping an existing flea problem. Simply purchase the collar and place it around your cat’s neck.

3. Apply flea products. There are many excellent flea products available today. Most are powerful medications in liquid form to be placed on the cat’s neck or scruff. These flea products are usually quite effective at keeping fleas off cats, though they are generally one of the more expensive methods for fighting fleas.

4. Use a flea comb. By combing your cat’s fur, you can remove live fleas and flea eggs. This works best on short-haired cats, and can be quite tedious if your cat has very long fur. Flea combs, which have closely spaced tines to catch fleas, can be found at any pet store.

5. Get fleas off your furnishings. If you only wash your cat, the fleas might just keep coming back. The reason for this is that there can be eggs or live fleas in your home, particularly in pet beds or anywhere else your cat likes to sit. Vacuum your entire house regularly. Continuing forward, wash your cat’s bedding in hot, soapy water weekly to prevent a re-infestation. Fleas may be found not only on your pet, but on everything they touch.

6. Keep your cat indoors. If you have persistent flea issues, your best course of action may be keeping your cat indoors. It is most likely that they are picking up the fleas outside. Though your cat probably won’t like being locked inside all day long, it will keep fleas away.

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