The best advice on how to advertise a lost dog is to find a good photo that you have of the dog and make flyers that you can place all around your neighborhood. These flyers should contain not only the dog’s photo but any important information you can think of about the dog. Tack the flyers up in busy areas around where the dog went missing. If it strayed from home be sure to alert neighbors and ask if anyone has seen the dog. Neighborhood children often times will stop and pet a friendly dog that wanders up to them, so they can be a great help in locating the missing pet.

Advertising for a lost dog can also be done at your local newspaper. This may take some time though, especially if your dog is missing on the weekend when the newspaper office might be closed. When advertising a lost dog be sure to mention whether the dog is a male or female. Make note of the color of the fur along with any particular markings that it may have that will draw attention to it. Be sure to mention the dog’s name. It’s also a good idea to state whether the dog is extra small such as a Chihuahua, small like a Poodle, medium such as a Beagle, large or extra large. Photo’s can be misleading as far as portraying the true size of the missing dog.

When advertising a lost dog it is a good idea to mention any health problems the dog may have. If someone has picked up your dog and thinks it is a stray they may be more willing to return it quickly if they realize that it has  a special medical need. It is also a good idea to mention the dog’s age. If someone has your dog and is familiar with them from having pets of their own they will be able to tell if the dog is a younger puppy or senior dog.When you advertise for a lost dog make sure you stress the importance of what it means to your family to get the dog back safely. If you can afford to, offer a small reward for the safe return of the animal. Check local dog pounds and advertise the dog missing by placing flyers up at the local animal shelters and pet rescues. If you’re missing dog is wearing a collar or is micro-chipped, be sure to remember to add that into your advertising message.

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