Moving can be a stressful time not only for people but also for their pets. Moving can be traumatic for pets so it is necessary to take steps to ensure your pet’s safety during the move and ease the anxiety.

1. Keep your pet occupied and contained while moving household items. Door are often left open while furniture and boxes are being moved and an anxious pet may seek escape. Pets can also be accidentally injured while objects are being moved so it is best to secure your pet outside or in a room where there will be no traffic.

2. Make sure your pet is wearing proper identification in the event he makes a run for it. Be certain your pet has a collar and tags with your pet’s name and your phone number. List your cell phone number on the tag if your home phone number will change due to the move.

3. Give your pet familiar items to keep him comfortable. Before taking every last item out of the house make sure you leave a few comfort items to help keep your pet calm. Keep items such as a blanket, favorite toys or other familiar items that your pet can have as security during the move.

4. Place your pet in a pet carrier, cage or crate once you are ready to transport him to the new home. Don’t try to hold the pet in your arms. This can be dangerous for both you and your pet. Your pet may jump from your arms and/or you could get scratched. Holding a pet in your arms in a vehicle could cause an accident if a nervous pet gets loose in the vehicle.

5. Let your pet explore the new surroundings but keep him indoors at first. Once you have moved into the new home your pet will be busy exploring the new place. It is best to keep a cat indoors until he adjusts to the new area so that he doesn’t wander off. You can walk your dog on a leash so that he becomes accustomed to his new surroundings.

6. Give your pet time and space. If your pet goes into hiding at the new home don’t worry too much. He’ll come around. Just give him time to adapt to the new environment. He’ll adjust and before you know it your pet will be acting like the king or queen of the new castle.

7. Keep the routine consistent. As you settle into your new home try to keep the routine as regular as possible. Keep feeding, play time, walks, etc. at the same or similar times. Stick to your previous schedule as closely as you can. This will help keep your pet calm and help him to adapt more easily. Any break in routine can cause anxiety in your pet so being consistent in routine can help to keep your pet calm and content.

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